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“What is your needs?”

“What are the people need?”

Above question always pop up in everyone’s mind, a very simple and general questions but important. For us that question(s) pushed out the idea to set up a company that can provide everyone’s need. With passion and confident we pleased to announce Singapore based “Jade Export Channel” to the public in early year of 2011. The company’s name initially taken from our beloved daughter, JEC. As she grows more and more, we pray that JADE EXPORT CHANNEL will also grow well in business.


JADE EXPORT CHANNEL established to understand what is your need. For customer we try to provide you with a very best services, good product and competitive price. As for the manufacture/ wholesaler, to create a mutualism business.


For JADE EXPORT CHANNEL try to penetrates market, add more potential network, and developing company’s ability; hope in the next future we can create a good ambience in business, not only in Singapore country but other countries.